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    y impasse over a new deal with the EU.May's spokesman said at a Downing Street media briefing Friday that the talks could continue into the weeke▓nd."It's an ongoing process; we're taking one discussion ▓at a time. We continue to focus on tryin▓g to reach a joint outcome t

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    hat we can put to the European Council," the spokesman said.May plans to spend the weekend at her Chequers country r▓etreat with no plans at the moment to meet opposition ▓Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.LETTER TO TUSKIn a letter, May has told Tusk she still hopes a Bre

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two rounds o▓f talks failed to result in a breakthrough, alt▓hough the two sides agreed to continue discussion▓s."We urge the prime minister to come forward ▓with genuine changes to her deal in an effort to fin

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